Possible concepts for our new Burning Wheel campaign

-A small band of heros escorting a chosen one through orc infested lands in hopes of preventing a great war. 

-It’s been a hundred years since The Darkness swelled up from the hidden lands and swallowed the nations of the west. It’s coming, and soon, but the nations are consumed by infighting and petty wars instead of readying themselves for the inevitable. 

-Members of a small noble house. We have just been decimated, our family taken prisoner in foreign lands. We’re on a quest to free them and reap bloody vengeance on those that betrayed us. 

-Powerful immortal beings rule the various city states that criss cross the land. We are their loyal, mortal servants, in a political struggle that goes back thousands of years. 

-Orcs have invaded our small town, killing or enslaving everyone. To survive, we need to get to the nearby city of Seraphsport. 

-ten years ago we fled with the infant imperial heir to a small farming village on the edge of civilization, as the capitol was consumed by a bloody coup. Now they have found us. 

-Siblings living as hostages in a foreign land, to ensure their house’s compliance. 

-Something with an interesting age dichotomy, some players are young children/teens and other players are experienced elders. Taking a dangerous journey together, or traveling to a foreign, strange land. 

-Someone’s been murdering prostitutes on the Road of Silken Flowers, east of the harbor district. The guilds have hired us to find the killer. 

-Five years ago the entirely royal family was murdered, leaving the 6 year old prince the sole heir to the throne. We are his loyal advisors and protectors. An orc invasion looms in the mountains as we try to prepare the you prince and kingdom for war. 

New Burning Wheel Campaign